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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Is Embalming required?

A. No. There is no law in Alabama that requires embalming, however, there might
    be a requirement if you select certain funeral arrangements.  Should religion or
    culture prohibit embalming then normally the body is buried within 24 hours after

Q. What is the purpose of having an open casket?

A.  Viewing the body helps to bring closure to family and friends, therefore allowing
    them to accept the death.  Just the viewing of the body helps some people
    come to the reality that a person has died.  This can also help in the grieving

Q. What is the importance of a visitation?

A.  We feel the visitation is a very critical step toward the healing process.  When
    family and friends are invited to the visitation, it provides the opportunity of
    sharing stories and memories of the deceased as well as establishing just what
    that person's life meant in everyone's life.

Q. Can the family personalize the service?

A.  Absolutely, we realize that no two people are alike, therefore every effort is
    made to customize the service to one's desires. The service should be unique
    to the deceased with items such as photos, music selections, video tributes,
    or even personal eulogies.

Q.  Can you have a traditional funeral with viewing if you choose to be an Organ

A.  Yes.  Organ donation does not mean that you must have a closed casket.
     No matter the extent of the medical procedure facilitating organ removal, a
     trained and licensed embalmer makes every effort possible to ensure the
     integrity of the deceased's appearance will not be compromised.  Sometimes
     the complexity of the organ retrieval procedures and the length of time it
     would take for the medical team to respond will cause a minor time delay
     in setting the visitation and funeral time.

Q.  Should young children be allowed to view or attend the funeral?

A.  Yes.  We have to remember that children experience grief just as adults
     do. We feel it is alright for the child to observe adults that are sad and crying,
     for it is at this time in their lives that they can ask questions and we can, and
     should, be honest with them. We realize that the final decision of allowing a small
     child to view a deceased loved one or attend a funeral service is to be made by the parent.

Q.  Why Preplan?

A.  To make your wishes known, personalize your service, relieve an
     emotional burden for your family, freeze all costs and give you a
     peace of mind.

Q.  If I prearrange my funeral and decide to either prepay up front or make
     monthly payments, what happens to my money?

A.  The State of Alabama says that the funeral home only has to put 70%
     of your prearranged money into either Insurance or Trust allowing the
     funeral home to use the remaining 30% if it so chooses.  This 30% is
     normally used to pay commissions and other expenses related to pre-
     need.  Unlike your funeral homes that are corporately owned and
     because we are family owned and locally operated, we choose to place
     100% of the money you give to us into either Insurance or Trust.

Q.  Why should you choose Sorrells Funeral Homes?

A.  * Family Owned and Operated
     * Competitive Pricing
     * Modern and Spacious Facilities
     * Absolutely No Corporate involvement
     * Prearrangement Program without Sales People
     * Professional and Caring Staff